Adirondack Park Links

Here are a few links for other various trails and information in the Adirondack Park surrounding our town and region.  Please browse and enjoy.  We hope you find these links helpful as you look to get out for a day of enjoyment.

All Files here are in PDF format. Please feel free to view, download, or print.

Regional Trails and Maps

Our Town is centered strategically in the Adirondack Mountains.  Within a short distance from any of our motels and businesses are dozens of hiking, walking, skiing, and boating opportunities!

Welcome to our Town!

This is your number one area to sit back and relax!  Enjoy endless trails for hiking, summer foot and bike racing, mountain biking, great views all season long, and THE best ski area the east coast has to offer, on the slopes of Whiteface Mountain!

To view a list of our businesses, summer and winter activities, and area attractions feel free to contact  and visit our local visitor's bureau website!