The Flume

This is one of Wilmington's Hot spots in the summer. It is a chance for people to get out of their house, go to the river, and relax or take a swim. It is one of the more beautiful sections of the river allowing those who are daring enough to walk to the bottom of the gorge or even take a look off the bridge to see a nice series of waterfalls! This is located just outside the main town (on rte 86) as you head toward Lake Placid. There is a pull off spot to the right and left, with the right side offering a walking trail along the river and through the woods that extends for miles.MAP OF TRAILS

High Falls Gorge

High Falls Gorge is an amazing attraction off route 86 in the Wilmington Notch that prides itself in its scenic waterfalls created over thousands of years. There is over 700 feet of waterfall over the span of 3 main falls and is definitely a must see for anyone visiting the area! They have multiple attractions and activities here, all depending on the season, ranging from rock and mineral exploration to snowshoeing, hiking, and various rentals for winter seasons.

Lake Everest Beach

This is one of Wilmington's Hot spots in the summer. It is a chance for people to get out of their house, go to the river (or Lake Everest as some call it) and relax or take a swim. There are picnic areas to have a BBQs and facilities available to make things more convenient.

Santa's Workshop

Santa's Workshop is a small theme park just off Route 86 on the Whiteface Memorial Highway. It was created in 1949 and is the oldest theme park in the United States of America. It centers itself around the frozen North Pole that stays cold year round as it attracts thousands of visitors every year. The Christmasy Village where Santa resides every summer and winters leading to Christmas is still thriving to this day!

Whiteface Mountain

Whiteface Mountain is a year round attraction to all ages. Whether its amazing skiing, hiking, biking, or taking a relaxing scenic ride up the gondola to the peak of lower whiteface. For those who just don't want to get out of your car you can take a trip up the entire summit of Whiteface Mountain enjoying scenic breathtaking views along the way and ending at the castle on the top where an elevator waits to take you to the summit!

Parks and Recreation

Our Town is centered strategically in the Adirondack Mountains.  Within a short distance from any of our motels and businesses are dozens of opportunities to get out and have a good time! Below is a list of some of our main attractions!

Welcome to our Town!

This is your number one area to sit back and relax!  Enjoy endless trails for hiking, summer foot and bike racing, mountain biking, great views all season long, and THE best ski area the east coast has to offer, on the slopes of Whiteface Mountain!

To view a list of our businesses, summer and winter activities, and area attractions feel free to contact  and visit our local visitor's bureau website!