Please be advised yesterday afternoon around 3:45pm, Highway Superintendent
Louie Adragna received a call from our security monitoring service that something
was wrong at the Highway Building. Upon arriving he found much of our roof to
the shed had been destroyed.
At this point and time we do not know the cause of the incident. County and State
Investigators were on scene until around 11 pm. What we do know is that the
electrical feed was blown off the building and all causes are being investigated.
The incident has been submitted to our insurance carrier and we will keep the
public updated as information becomes available.
All electric and phone lines were severed from building. One may contact the
Highway department through the town’s main phone system if needed. The
contact number is 518-946-7179 ext. 7
Finally, we are so thankful none of our staff were in the building when this
occurred. We do ask the public to stay clear of the area while we clean up the the
debris and make things safe.
Thank You