Greetings my friends. I sincerely hope everyone had a great Christmas. My own
home was filled with the sounds of our granddaughter Maeve celebrating her first
Christmas. It was awesome. The Holidays went by way too fast. Not since our
daughter left for college have Becky and I felt that “empty nest” feeling in our big
old farm house after everyone departed. {{lol}}
As I reflect back at this past year I am filled with appreciation and anticipation of
all things Wilmington.
As we wrap up our 200 th Bicentennial, I want to extend a big Thank You to our
Bicentennial Committee. From the committee to our Historical Society, the
historic work and dedication of all involved was simply amazing. Think about it,
we had a Historic Book, parade, lapel pins, banners, Christmas Ornaments, Time
Capsule and many other things celebrating our town’s birthday. The work and
dedication of our volunteers will always be appreciated.
We currently have the Community Skating Rink in the park operating. The warmer
and weird weather patterns have made it a real challenge. The temperatures and
rain make it unlikely the rink will remain open for any length of time right now.
Speaking of the Town Park, we received another $100,000 private donation
towards our covered Park Pavilion/Building project. This is the second $100,000
donation that our seasonal resident of Wilmington has given to the town of
Wilmington for this project. Deputy Supervisor Darin Forbes gave an informal
presentation of plans for the park and potential new building at our December
meeting. We will have a more formal presentation very soon.
Registration of the Short Term Rentals in Wilmington has started. So far over
$18,000 has been collected and 38 units registered. I stand by my process of
registering Short Term Rentals within Wilmington. As I have stated from the
onset, we will be forming a committee to look at the land use codes as they relate
to STR’s starting in March of 2023. Basically, we will be forming a committee of 6
people. I am personally looking for 2 pro, 2 con and 2 indifferent about STR’s as
we evaluate our regulations. Any residents interested in serving on this
committee are welcomed to send a letter of interest to also, if anyone would like to see the
existing regulations, we have them on both the Town Website or one may pick up
a copy at the town offices.
Although it has not been in the News lately, I am told Adirondack Medical Center
is still waiting for approval from the New York State Department of Health
concerning the closure of the Emergency Room in Lake Placid. I am totally
opposed to this closure as stated previously. Repeatedly I have asked for copies of
the closure plan. In typical New York State fashion, the plan is not available the
public until the Health Department accepts it. My next step is to work with others
to see if we can get more citizens of our area involved with this discussion.

Our 2023 Organizational & January Monthly meeting of the Wilmington Town
Board will be held on Tuesday January 10 th at 7 pm at the Community Center. As
always, the public is welcomed to attend.
Our town landfill will be open normal hours this Saturday 12/31/2022. All town
operations will be closed on Monday January 2, 2023
For my first weekly report in the New Year, please look for some important news
from me as I prepare for 2023.
That’s all for this week and year my friends. Here is to a very healthy and positive
2023. Happy New Year! See you around town. –Roy Holzer