Greetings Everyone. As I write this report there are many projects being worked
on by our Town Crews and Contractors. On the Highway side, the repairs to the
Highway Garage continue with the roof structure being almost completed. We are
pretty excited about this. Especially with the cold weather approaching. Once all
repairs and upgrades are completed we will do an Open House so residents can
see the facility first hand.
Our Parks Department continues to stay busy with seasonal banners being
removed around town and preparing for our yearly Christmas Decorations. In
addition, improvements to the park are being made with rubber safety mulch
being added to the playground area. The rubber mulch is something our
insurance carrier has been recommending for quite some time. We are also
looking at adding some new playground equipment and benches.
The Water Department is currently working with a company called “General
Controls” out of Albany to repair some damage to our electronics that were hit by
lightning back at the end of August. Like everything else, securing parts have
been a challenge. However, repairs are almost completed. Another Water
Department project recently completed was some more work on insulating the
main water line that runs under the flume bridge.
I am really happy with the level of progress staff and contractors have
accomplished for our community. Thank you all so much.
Early Voting for the November Election starts October 29 th through November 6.
For our area, the nearest early voting site for Wilmington residents will be at the
Lake Placid Boat House, 31 Parkside Drive. We will have a list of dates and times
one can vote at the Bulletin Board at both the Post office and Town Offices. In
person Voting will be on Election Day November 8 th at the Wilmington Community
Center from 6 am to 9 pm. More information can also be found on the Essex
County Board of Elections Website.
Speaking of voting, last week I mentioned the open Judge seat that will require
voters to write the candidate of their choice on the ballot. Besides the Judge seat,
a local proposition is on the back of the ballot concerning Cannabis. Basically it is
a yes or no question. A YES vote means you agree with the town of opting out
allowing cannabis dispensaries within Wilmington. A NO vote means cannabis
dispensaries should be allowed. A copy of the ballot will be placed on our official
bulletin Boards and we are trying to place it on our town website. ballot info.
On November 16 th , The Essex County Office for the Aging will be available at the
Wilmington Community Center to assist our older population with Medicare’s
Annual Open Enrollment questions. This is the time of the year where Medicare
recipients can review or change their coverage. Residents can meet with certified
insurance counselors who can assist them. These visits are by appointment only.
Please call 518-873-3695 to schedule your time slot if you wish to use this service.
I am reminding anyone that is having Cell phone Issues to reach out to me at Please include nature of issue, cell

number & carrier along with name on the account. We are working on a total list
of users to share with Verizon and or the Public Service Commission.
Over the last few months I have been chatting about our Highway Garage
Building. Did you know that the former Highway Department Garage was on
Haselton Road? Although the building is no longer there, the structure served as
both the Highway and Water headquarters for years. This little tid bit serves as
our history trivia this week.
That’s all for this week my friends. See you around town. –Roy Holzer


ballot info.