Greetings! With this being Halloween Week, I wanted to share a Halloween
Picture for our Bicentennial History Tid Bit. The Photo was provided by Guy
Stephenson and provides a nostalgic look at Wilmington students dressed like
ghosts and goblins from 1960. The picture was taken from the area right behind
the current Community Center Building.
Prior to the Community and Health Center buildings, there was a school right in
the middle. Although the building was torn down in the 1970’s, the school had 3
teachers and about 40 students. I am told the school would provide education for
students between first and six grades.
If you look real close at the 1960 Halloween Picture, one can see the Nazarene
Church Steeple in the back ground. Guy Stephenson explained that his class
dressed up in costumes for Halloween and would parade around the school
grounds lead by teacher/principle Ruth Boyer. Others in the photo include Steve
Roberts, Rod Slater, Donna & Ricky Taylor, Lana Washburn, Donny Hinds, Chipper
Peck, Bobby Joe & Larry Lawrence, Peggy Betters, Betty Jean Mason and Jan
This week’s column also addresses the frequent NYSEG outages and what one can
do if you would like to make your concerns known to the New York State Public
Service Commission.
The amount of power outages in the last week have been unacceptable. I
personally spoke with our Municipal NYSEG representative several times about
the outages and the potential extra wear and tear on some electrical equipment
with the power outages. Last week, the outages were tied to a regional
transmission line issue. This past week was to make Whiteface Ski Center ready
for winter. However, the outages go well beyond just these two issues.
First, and I know this is a pain. Always call NYSEG first with the electrical issue. It is
really important to document power outages. Second, if you do not feel satisfied
with your answer from NYSEG, call the service commission. Utilities do not like
hearing from the Public Service Commission. To contact them, one can call 1-800-
342-3377 or use their website at
It seems lately that many utilities have been dropping the ball on providing the
service people pay for. From cell phones, internet and power, this issue only
seems to be getting worse. It really is important for residents to weigh in with the
companies. As a Town Government, we really have no direct control on them.
However, working together with all of us doing our part, maybe it could make a
I want to send a Thank You to John and Emma Strong as well as Kristy Holzer for
picking up roadside debris. Their efforts have resulted in many bags of trash
being removed from our town roads. Should anyone else like to do the same,
please contact the Supervisors Office. We will provide you with trash bags that
were donated from the KOA and arrange pick up.

Please remember that when we vote this November, a write in spot is available
for a four year Town Justice position. This is in addition to Regional, State and
Federal positions up for election. The local Cannabis proposition is also on the
back of the ballot as well. Copies of the ballot are available on our website, Post
Office Bulletin Board and the Essex County Board of Elections website.
Remember, early voting starts Saturday.
In the next couple of weeks I plan to write more about the Wilmington
Homestead Housing project and Homebuyer Assistance Programs that are
available in Essex County. One thing for anyone interested in buying a home,
planning ahead is key in securing a home. I will meet with any Wilmington
resident that needs assistance navigating this process. One may find that even if a
home price seems unattainable, that programs like the first time homebuyer
grant and financing options with the Farmers Home Loan program can make a
monthly payment very realistic.
Another reminder that the Budget Hearing for the 2023 Wilmington Town Budget
will take place on Thursday November 10 th at 6:30 pm. The regular monthly
meeting will follow the public hearing.
That’s all for this week my friends. See you around town. –Roy Holzer