Hello and thanks for taking a look at the Supervisors report for this week. Our
Christmas Committee has been very busy compiling the delivery list for the Santa
Gift parade for next Friday December 9 th . If you would like to make sure your
child is on the list, please call the town offices at 518-946-7174. Also, if anyone
wants to be part of the parade, decorate your vehicle and join us. Lineup will start
around 4 pm. A general gathering will start at Preston Field at 6 pm with music
and hot chocolate being available. Should anyone wish to make some goodies,
please contact Michelle Preston at 518-946-2255. Fireworks are slated to start at
7:15 pm.
By all accounts next weekend could be very busy in Wilmington. From the
Community Christmas Celebration on December 9 th to a Friends of the Library
Cookie sale at the Community Center on December 10 th . Yes, that’s correct a
cookie sale. Happy shoppers will have the opportunity to purchase cookies by the
pound while supporting our library. The event starts at 10am.
Later in the day on December 10 th , the Youth Commission will be sponsoring a
“Holiday Fun” event at the Park Building for Wilmington Youth starting at 4pm.
everything from Holiday Crafts to Pizza will be available. Look for flyers on the
Post office bulletin board or town Facebook Page for more information.
A general reminder that we still have COVID test kits available at the town offices.
The only thing we ask is that if you are experiencing COVID symptoms, please call
ahead and we will place test kits outside.
As some may be aware, the Wilmington EM Cooper Memorial Public Library is
having some much needed renovations. As I write this column, it is a “bookless”
Library and closed temporarily. It will be exciting to see the finished product. The
library improvements leads into a neat Bicentennial history tid bit for this week. It
was is 1982, I was 17 years old when a human chain of residents passed books
one by one to each other from the Library space at the old town hall to the
current location. It was a really cool event. In the town offices is a picture of
former Town Supervisor Don DeMacy, myself and many others handing books to
each other.
I want to remind residents that the regular monthly town board meetings are
every second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm. People are always welcomed. To
that matter, my office door is always open to residents of our community to
discuss any issues concerning the Town of Wilmington.
Well friends, that’s all for this week. See you around town. – Roy Holzer