Hello Wilmington! As Town Supervisor, I start this week’s report with a Very Happy Birthday wish to Wilmington resident Andrew Cavallero who turned 90 on Thursday February 24th. In typical Wilmington fashion, our town crew partnered with the Fire Department, Essex County Sheriff’s Department, Emergency Services and New York State Police to do a brief vehicle drive to celebrate Andy’s Birthday. Collaborating with his family, we had our honored citizen outside his home to view the entourage of well-wishers. His 60 plus years as a town resident and his years of dedicated service as a New York State Trooper and BCI investigator are very noteworthy.  Only in a small community like Wilmington will one see this kind of homespun sentiment to wish one of their own, only the best. Happy Birthday Andy!

This week’s Wilmington Bicentennial Trivia includes a bit on Ellison Minor Cooper, a successful Philadelphia businessman. He basically built the public library in his hometown of Wilmington as a legacy. He left a substantial bequest and over 5000 books to help support it. The E.M. Cooper Memorial Library Association was formed on August 20, 1918. The library was temporarily housed in the lower level of the Methodist Church until the new building was completed in 1934.  Once again, I have to thank the Wilmington Historical Society for all the history trivia that I include in my weekly reports.

Please remember that we continue to have FREE COVID test kits at the Town Offices. If you are having symptoms, call first and we will bring the test kit out to you.

The Riverside Thrift Shop will be closed this Saturday February 26.  Don’t worry. Plans are to reopen on March 3rd as normal.

We have been notified that the Keene Neighborhood House has a supply of furniture they are willing to give away for free. Items such as bed frames, end stands and other various furniture are available. Please call 518 576-4474 for more information.

As of this writing, our skating rink continues to be open. We lucked out with the colder temperatures to save the ice. If you skate, take advantage of the facility while Mother Nature allows.

That’s all for this week my friends. Stay safe and see you around town. 

-Roy Holzer