Greetings!  In this week’s report I am excited to announce that the Wilmington Get Together scheduled for August 20th  at the town beach will be combined with one of the Town’s Bicentennial events.

We are very thankful to the “Get-Together” committee for making this possible. In addition to all the fun stuff that the group normally has available, plans are underway to have a Community parade before the popular event kicks off.  A special Bicentennial Tent will also be set up at the Get Together function with all things “Wilmington” 

A little sooner on the summer calendar is a Motley Crue tribute event that will be held in the Wilmington Town Park. This multi-purpose function will be to both celebrate the town’s Historic milestone of 200 years and serve as a fund raiser for our Park Pavilion. The date of July 30th has been set for this concert. 

For either event, we are looking for volunteers. This could be an awesome way to get involved. Contact the Supervisors office for more information.

Here is this week’s Bicentennial history bit.  Organized in 1920, the Owaissa Club was established by Clara Merrill and her sister Martha Brown, in memory of Clara’s only daughter Mildred who was  killed in an automobile accident in 1917. A building was constructed at the site of current town beach and maintained as a youth center. A small fee admitted residents and guests to membership. Equipment included rowboats, canoes, a motion picture” machine, a player piano, a phonograph, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, a kitchen and a reading room. The original building burnt down in the early 1980’s.

Our next Bicentennial meeting is slated for April 7th at 1 pm at the Community Center. All are invited.

The Town of Wilmington is now accepting applications for seasonal help. Please see poster at our Post Office Bulletin Board or call the town offices for more information.

I will be away next week. There for I will not have a Supervisors report next week. We will resume the updates on the week end March 29th

Until next time. Stay safe  – Roy Holzer