Hello everyone. Yes, we are now in the month of March!  As the days begin to be brighter, we all start to look forward to the spring season. Well, most of us anyways. {{haha}}

One event I always look forward to is the Whiteface Visitors Bureau Wilmington Community Dinner where we welcome new residents to our community. This year’s event is tentatively set for April 5th at the Hungry Trout. Another highlight of the evening is the awarding of Wilmington’s Citizen of the year. For over 35 years this special award has been given to individuals, couples and organizations that have made our town just a little extra special.

Due to the pandemic last year, the Community Dinner and Citizen award was canceled. The fact we are all gathering yet again makes this year’s event even more special.  I have been advised that the Visitors Bureau Citizen of the Year nominating committee is taking applications for this year’s recipient. Do you have someone you would like to nominate? Just stop by or call the Visitors Bureau at 518-946-2255 by Monday March 7th to have your suggestion considered.

Just a reminder that our Monthly Town Board meeting is on Tuesday March 8th starting at 7 pm at the Community Center. The public is always welcome to attend. We are working on a better system so residents can call in to listen to the gathering if attending in person is not convenient. 

Our 200th Wilmington Bicentennial committee meeting will be on Wednesday March 9th at 12:30 pm at the Community Center. Everyone is invited. There are many exciting things planned as we head into the summer for this important milestone.  In this weeks featured photo, please check out the special commemorative plate that was made for our committee by Wilmington resident Jim Palmer.  

This week’s history trivia includes that in 1928 Wilmington had an airport. The airport was located at the corner of the current North Pole Campground.  The story goes that as the pilot was preparing to land at the airport when the pilot nosed the plane up, hit the gas creating the motor to stall. The plane went into a spin coming down and hitting the steeple of the Nazarene Church. The plane struck an 8 x 8 girder in the roof, breaking it into two places which broke the fall. The plane finally struck the ground upside down. The pilot and 2 passengers, Frank Hewitt and Jim Lawrence were injured, but all recovered. They dragged the damage plane away in a pick-up truck. 

In other news, we are modifying the operating hours of our Park Building to Fridays, Saturday and Sundays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm as we enter the final days of our 2022 skating season.  The unstaffed building will still be available for visitors to warm up, borrow skates or use the rest rooms. We thank everyone that made this year’s operation so awesome. 

That’s all for this week my friends. Stay Safe and see you around town.

-Roy Holzer