We are happy to report that the splash boards on the town dam are now up and
Lake Everest water levels have risen to more acceptable levels. Our water way is
just a little better. Although I think most would agree that a sediment removal
program is needed to restore our water way to its former glory. Just think of the
amount of water the Wilmington Community Dam held back when it was
reconstructed in 1937.
The restrooms at the town beach are now set for the season. We will be doing
some repairs on the roof of the building. However, the building will remain open.
Speaking of summer, we hope to have a schedule soon of bands for our concert
series. Donations are still being accepted to fund this very popular program.
This year the Town of Wilmington has 19 local students graduating from area high
schools. For the third year in a row, Patti McConvey is organizing a banner project
in which banners will be placed around the community celebrating our student’s
success. Each banner cost $35. Another $430. needs to be raised to cover the
Class of 2022 banners. If you would like to contribute, please email Patti at
Please remember that on Tuesday May 17 th there will be a Lake Placid School
Budget Vote/Election. We will have a poll site at the Wilmington Community
Center. Polls are open from 2 to 9 pm. Also, keep in mind that on another part of
the same ballot is a vote on giving our library funds from the school district.
Approval is needed by the voters to transfer $16,090 to our library.
This week’s history trivia includes that at the 175 th Anniversary Ceremony of the
Town of Wilmington, a special stamp cancellation from the US Postal service was
issued on March 22, 1997 how cool was that?
At this week’s Essex County Human Service committee meeting, Director of Public
Health Linda Beers spoke about the upswing of COVID cases. She stressed how
beneficial it is for people that become infected to call their health care provider
for anti-virials. This can significantly reduce ones illness. Please note that we
continue to have free home COVID test kits for anyone that would like them.
That’s all for this week my friends. See you around town. – Roy