What an interesting week! The lore of “Friday the 13 th ” will always have that
special memory for the damage that was done to our roof of the Highway garage.
Although we have not yet received the cause in writing, we are told that the
cause was a microburst and wind event that raised havoc on our 45 year old
Based on advice from legal counsel, I am declaring a “State of Emergency” in
regards to the incident that occurred at the town highway garage on Friday May
13, 2022
Because of the unforeseen and effects on our public building, the review and
work on the towns Highway Garage requires immediate review and action. We
will not wait the normal time periods for competitive bidding and work under
New York States General Municipal Law 103, sec 4, for Emergency procedures. I
will keep everyone informed as we move forward.
Currently the town has leased an 8 by 30 mobile office for our Highway staff. The
mobile unit will provide for an office, restroom and lunch area. This will give our
staff a safe and clean space while work commences on the building. This company
was recommended by our insurance carrier.
Another Emergency procedure is the hiring of an Architecture/Engineering Firm
that will assess the entire building and damages. They will recommend a path
forward. This firm was selected because they have already been vetted for
government work by Essex County.
Both of the above actions are covered by the Towns Insurance Policy. Power to
one of our electric panel boxes will be restored by NYSEG to operate gasoline
pumps and other needs. Again, we will share any information and progress as it
becomes available.
In other town news, please be advised that NYSEG has announced there will be
short power outages at 6 am on both May 20 th and 21 st for about 3 minutes for
upgrades to the system.
Some residents are reporting issues regarding theft and trespassing. Although
residents should not be overly concerned, just keep an eye out.

Finally, in this week’s History trivia, I wanted to give a special historic memory to
Adeline Jaques. It was around 1980 she penned her book, “Echoes from
Whiteface Mountain” A brief History of Wilmington, New York. I was lucky
enough to have a signed autograph book from Adeline in which she wrote, “To
Roy Holzer, Youth Supervisor, Town of Wilmington. May you succeed in your goal
to improve the government of our town.” Signed, Adeline F. Jaques, August 11,
1980. What is really cool is that in 1980, we had a town organization called the
Wilmington Youth Town Board. On that board in 1980 was two other current
town board members. Paula McGreevy and Tina Terry Preston. How life circles.
That’s all for this week my friends, see you around town. – -Roy