We start off this week’s report with a sincere congratulations to all our 2022 High
School Graduates. This year we have 20 Wilmington residents that are graduating
from area schools. We even have one resident that is graduating from a home
school process. Our community is so proud of these younger residents. We hope
you remember your hometown life as you move to the next stage of your
Primary day is Tuesday June 28 th for all Democrats and Republicans. The vote will
for Governor and Lt. Governor on the Democratic side. On the Republican side,
just Governor. The polls in Wilmington will be open at the Community Center
from 6 am to 9 pm.
Early voting is also currently taking place through Sunday at the Lake Placid Beach
House. The location is at the Lake Placid Beach House at 31 Parkside Drive. The
hours are advertised from 9 am to 5 pm. However, a flyer stated that those hours
are subject to change. One can always call the Essex County Board of Elections at
518 873-3475 to confirm hours.
We continue to work on the “logistics” of the damage to our town Highway
Garage. A game plan of how to proceed should be completed soon. Currently we
have been working with the insurance company, engineers and architects.
Everyone should be aware that the building is in rough shape and we are looking
at all possible scenarios as we proceed. One thing is for sure, some kind of shelter
is needed for the plow trucks and staff before winter.
A firm date for the beach to open has not been set. We continue to seek Life
Guards and still have an opening. We will keep you posted. As it stands right now,
we may be able to open 5 days a week with the swim area being closed Mondays
and Tuesdays.
History Trivia- Did you know that Wilmington was once part of the Town of Jay?
The Town of Jay is a little older than Wilmington. Jay was founded in 1796.
Another fun fact is that the Town of St. Armand was part of Wilmington until
1844. One wonders what the conversations were on forming the different towns
back then.
That’s all for this week my friends. See you around town. – Roy