Welcome to mid-July. WOW! If you are like me, you haven’t even had a lazy day
of summer yet. As I get older, I long for lazy days. ((haha)) they just never seem to
happen. Maybe there is still hope before our summer is over.
In this week’s report, I start out with a little reminder that COVID test kits, hand
sanitizer and disposable face masks are available for free at the town offices. A
new variant of COVID is making its way around our area. I know because it got
me. If you suspect you may have the virus, give us a call and we will place your
test kit on a bench just outside the town offices. This way, you do not have to
come inside.
At the last town board meeting we discussed forming a “Community Calendar”
and an email enrollment that would enable residents to get email blasts of all
things Wilmington as they become available. Things like public notices, meetings
and items like that. We currently use our town webpage, Facebook and the Jay
Community News for getting the “Wilmington Word” out. We plan to continue to
use these platforms. The new method will be just one more way of
communicating. Also, always remember that we have a community bulletin
board at our town post office as well.
We would like to thank everyone that has been donating to the Wilmington
Concert Series that is held at the beach on Thursday evenings. The concerts are
always well attended and contribute to that awesome sense of community.
Through donations and our entertainers working with us, we are able to have a
total of 10 concerts this year. A very special shout out to the band “Damage
Goods” that did a “pass the hat” collection last week that added to our
entertainment fund balance.
For this week’s history bit, let’s talk business! Did you know that Wilmington’s
own Haselton Lumber has been around since 1901? That’s right, Dan Haselton
started the company at the beginning of the 1900’s. It is amazing a business
lasting that long anywhere. According to their website, in the beginning there was
no electricity. The mill operated with a 10- horsepower Westinghouse steam
engine and a Westinghouse sawmill run by water power or a steam boiler, plus
horse power by treadmill. Members of the Haselton Family have been part of the
Wilmington landscape for years as well. If you were to look in town archives, this
family played an important role in the very beginnings of our community. If you
are interested in more history on Haselton Lumber, please check out their
website at
Well, that’s all for this week my friends. Stay safe and see you around town. -Roy