We are so excited to announce that the Official Bicentennial book, Wilmington’s
Story, The First 200 years is now available on Amazon. The booklet is $10.00 and
the proceeds from the book help support our Historical Society. As Town
Supervisor, I would like to give a sincere Thank You to Beth Rowland, Karen
Peters, Merri Carol Peck, Judy Lawrence, Guy Stephenson and all the others from
the community that contributed to this awesome keepsake. The Amazon link is if you would like to order your copy now.
This week’s report comes with a request to the community to keep an eye out for
people dumping trash and other debris on our side roads. Do not engage with the
individuals, just copy down license plate and other information and report it to
the town or State Police. Recently bags of debris were found piled up along the
road side. Loose trash has been an ongoing issue. However, the newest disregard
of our roadsides brings this issue to an entire different level.
An All-out request for VOLUNTEERS for this Saturdays Motley Crue event is being
made. Currently we need assistance with parking attendants and other
miscellaneous jobs. The funds raised from this event will be earmarked for our
skating pavilion project. Should you wish to volunteer or like additional
information, please contact Michelle by calling 518-946-2255
This past summer the Wilmington Historical Society has been doing a series of
public lectures. The programs are now on video to watch if you missed any of the
sessions. Please go to then click on to
Exhibitions & Events>Program Videos.
As I mentioned in a previous report, we are currently working on an email blast
system where all things Wilmington will be emailed to residents as they occur. If
you would like to have your email address added, please contact the town clerk at For the record, we will continue to use
Facebook, the town website, bulletin board at the Post Office and the Jay
Community News to get information out to the public as well.
For trivia, did you know that the Whiteface Memorial Highway celebrated 87
years as the “Road to the Sky” on July 20 th ? That’s correct, first automobile traffic
opened to the highway on July 20, 1935
Just the other day, a visitor to our community lost their pet dog “BIRDIE” The
owner of the animal was highly upset and we are happy to say that eventually
Birdie was reunited with his family. Through our Town Facebook page, 76 people
“shared” the lost dog post. It was pretty awesome helping out. Thanks to all that
On Saturday August 13 th the Wilmington Town Wide Yard Sale will take place.
Save that date and be part of the local fun. Space is even available at Preston
Festival Field for people that wish to set up at that location. For more
information, contact
Well my friends, that’s all for this week. See you around town. -Roy