Hello Friends. I start off this week’s report with some very sad news. On
Wednesday August 10, Paula McGreevy resigned her position with the
Wilmington Town Board effective immediately. I will let Paula speak for herself as
to why she resigned. I will say that words cannot explain how upsetting this is to
me personally. I have known Paula my entire life. We are childhood friends. Her
lifelong dedication to our community has set the bar for true public service to
Wilmington and should be an example for others. Simply put, Paula is one of the
most honest and transparent people I know. Her service to the Town Government
is going to be missed.
Paula’s service to community runs in her very fiber. Her dad Fran was a longtime
time employee of the Town of Wilmington. He worked for the Highway
Department, served as Highway Superintendent and later as a town Councilman.
Fran was a lifelong member of the Wilmington Fire Department and Rescue
Squad as well. Remembering Fran or the “Bub” as many called him will serve as
my History segment this week. I wish Paula well and thank her for her service to
our community.
The Town is currently in contact with Legal Counsel on what our next steps will be
in regards to the vacant board position. I will keep you informed.
I would like to remind everyone that this Friday (8-12) Santa’s Workshop will be
offering free admission to everyone that lives in the 129 zip code. Proof of
residency will be required. The Park hours for this special day is 10 am to 4 pm.
On behalf of the Town of Wilmington, “Thank You” Santa!
The Wilmington Library is conducting a raffle for a Whiteface Season Ski Pass. The
tickets are $25. Each and only 200 tickets will be sold. All proceeds will benefit the
library’s capital fund. Winner will be drawn on September 10 th . Tickets may be
purchased at the Library or contacting a library trustee member.
Just a reminder that this Saturday is the Wilmington Town Wide Yard Sale. There
are over a dozen yard sale sites throughout town this year. Check out all the

Finally, make sure to have the Wilmington Bicentennial Parade and Wilmington
Get Together on your calendar for Saturday August 20 th . Volunteers are still
needed for the Get Together. Please contact Sadie Hozley for more information.
That’s all for this week my friends. See you around town. –Roy Holzer