Hello and Happy Labor Day Weekend! There are several any events coming up in
Wilmington the next couple weeks. This weekend we have the 5 th Annual
Wilmington Mountain Bike Festival in the town park sponsored by BETA. The
Wilmington Bike Festival is a 3 day celebration with on-site camping, live music,
local food, group bike rides and a major fundraiser for the Barkeater Trails
Alliance. The Town of Wilmington has had a great working relationship with this
volunteer group and we appreciate all their efforts for the benefit of our town.
Another Volunteer I would like to acknowledge this week is KC Brousseau and his
company KC Cubed Inc from Keeseville New York. Through his efforts, KC has
coordinated and worked with other volunteers in building a brand new bike pump
track in the park especially for younger children. The new addition is directly
across from the existing more challenging track. A combination of Clay, sand, dirt
and design will make this the premium bike park for children of all ages. KC
stated as a teenager he was fortunate enough to be involved with the original
build of the bike park with Kyle Ebbett. He was inspired and watch firsthand how
beneficial the park has been for the community and wanted to be more involved.
KC has been in business since 2016 and has recently expanded into Trail Building
and Excavation as part of his business. This Saturday KC will also be leading a
pump track clinic at 5pm as part of the BETA Bike Fest weekend.
KC cited the Hardy Kids, Brandy Wilson, Mary Werner, Jim Kelly, Town of
Wilmington, Taylor Rental and several others for assistance with this project. On
behalf of a grateful community we thank KC for his generous donation of time,
equipment and expense.
On Saturday September 10 th , the 18 th Annual Festival of Colors will take place from
10 am to 5 pm. Over 50 venders are slated to be on site. This year as part of the
Town of Wilmington’s Bicentennial Celebration, a special stamp cancelation will
be available at the event. The envelope includes the Bicentennial logo and a
cancelation stamp especially designed to celebrate the towns 200 years.
For the history trivia this week, the last time a Special Stamp cancellation was
done for the town was in 1997 when Wilmington Celebrated 175 years. It was on
March 22, 1997 when this occurred.
The Wilmington Historical Society will also have the acclaimed book, Wilmington’s
Story, the first 200 years available for sale at the Festival of Colors.
Our next Bicentennial meeting will take place on Tuesday September 6 at 12:30
pm at the Community Center. All are invited. Discussion will center on the
upcoming time capsule dedication on Saturday September 17 th at 10 am at
Preston Festival Field.
The regular September monthly meeting of the Wilmington Town Board will take
place on Tuesday September 13 th at 5pm at the Wilmington Community Center.
The reason the time is earlier this month is so that we could accommodate the
towns planning consultant to meet with the town. We had arranged the earlier

time because the planner was in the North Country and it saved the town
additional charges for a special trip to Wilmington.
That’s all for this week my friends. Thanks for reading and see you around town.
-Roy Holzer