Hello Friends. Hopefully by now everyone has received a copy of the Town
Newsletter. Within the pages of the publication is the Annual Drinking Water
Report for 2021. As a Water District we are required to make the report public.
The water report itself is always for the previous year and is generated by the
New York State Department of Health. The newsletter and report can also be
found on the town website at
A very special “Thank You” to everyone that attended the Bicentennial Time
Capsule Dedication Ceremony last Saturday. The event was a success! On a
personal note, Marjorie Swift worked countless hours on this project and
deserves our sincere appreciation. Kevin Rowe also did a fantastic job on the
construction of the stones around the capsule. I was really happy to see Senator
Dan Stec, Assemblyman Matt Simpson, and Chairman of the Essex County Board
of Supervisors Shaun Gillilland at this historic function. The entire community
deserves a moment to take in the community pride that was evident at our event.
Everything was perfect.
Every week in my report I have tried to provide little historic tid bit about
Wilmington History. Some of the history from many, many years ago. Other times
more current. This week’s history bit starts off a little solemn as I think about the
passing of Essex County Emergency Services Director Max Thwaits III.
Our friend Max grew up in the area and was always a friendly and respectful guy.
His hard work and dedication to his community and Essex County will never be
forgotten. From a Wilmington perspective, I can still remember Max coming to a
Wilmington Town Board meeting as a teenager in April of 1998 with his mom
Cheryle to give a presentation on a well-structured proposal of volunteer work he
would perform at our town beach area in order to achieve his rank of “Eagle” with
the Boy Scout organization.
Even though it was over 24 years ago, I remember the determination of Max was
very apparent to all of us at the meeting. He did in fact do many improvements at
our town beach and succeeded in his goal of Eagle Scout. Later in life he achieved
many other goals he set for himself. Without hesitation, the world is a better
place because Max was in it. As Director of Emergency Services, he always
returned my phone calls or texts during times of need to our community. I am
truly going to miss working with him.
We have been notified by New York State Department of Transportation that
paving of the Flume Bridge will take place soon. This is a good thing. Several
times over the last year, we have had to notify DOT on large pot holes on the
bridge. As many are aware, this area is very tight for both traffic and pedestrians.
So happy it is getting a more permanent fix.
This past week Highway Superintendent Lou Adragna and I had a ZOOM meeting
with our insurance adjuster. The meeting was in regards to the Highway Garage
damage. Although check is not in hand yet, things are looking more promising in
terms of the town getting the proper expense coverage in repairing the garage.

While the garage is being repaired, other long term improvements are being
added to the highway garage that will be more energy efficient and serve the
town in the future for decades. Should anyone want any information on the
Highway Garage project, feel free to contact my office.
Well, that’s all for this week everyone. Thanks for reading and see you around
town. –Roy Holzer