Hard to believe that we are days away from October. The fall temperatures are
making most take notice of what’s around the corner. However before we get to
the next season, everyone should take advantage of the Octoberfest Event at
Whiteface Mountain Ski Center this weekend. Everything from German Food,
Music and Dancing are just some of the fun. The gates at Whiteface are open
both Saturday & Sunday starting at 11am. For more information, checkout
As most are aware, a group of dedicated friends from the Historical Society
worked countless hours on our Official Bicentennial Book. “Wilmington’s Story,
the First 200 Years” The Historical book has been getting rave reviews. As part of
the rollout of the book, High Peaks Publishing based in Jay New York and owned
and operated by Tim and Beth Rowland, donated 100 books to the Town of
Wilmington. We sincerely appreciate this very kind gesture. Of course they are
always assisting our community in the publication of the Jay Community News as
well. We cannot thank the Rowlands enough for their sense of community and
being a vital part of our area. As I have stated several times to them, thank you so
Work continues on the 2023 Town Budget. As part of the process, Department
Heads and others submit budget requests to our Budget Officer Nicole Forbes.
The Town Board then tries to sort through what we can afford and need. The
process can be very time consuming. This year is especially a challenge with just
about everything increasing in costs.
I have reached out to officials regarding some issues with the Cell phone service.
For quite some time it appears that areas that once had strong cell signals have
little or none. Quite honestly, I am not sure if this is a fault in the equipment or
more people on a limited tower. However, with the University World Games
around the corner, it would make sense signals not only address residents that
live here, but the thousands that will be in the North Country.
In this week’s History Tid bit, did you know that a plane once flew into the
Nazarene Church? That’s Right! It was in September of 1929 when a biplane was
preparing to land and landed upside down after breaking the fall on the Church
Steeple. Amazingly, the passengers only suffered broken bones! If you want to
read more about this bit of history, check out the Historical Societies Facebook
Well Friends, that’s all for this week. Stay safe and see you around town.
-Roy Holzer