We are excited to announce that ground breaking and construction on the
Bicentennial Time Capsule has now started and will be completed by the official
ceremony date of Saturday September 17th at 10 am. Donations are still being
accepted by Time Capsule Coordinator Marjory Swift and one can drop off a
donation to the town offices if so desired.
As part of the Time Capsule contents, I plan to draft a hand written note to the
Town Supervisor 50 years from now. Yes, 50 years from now the time capsule will
be opened and the contents will be shared with our community.
A big thank you to everyone that participated in the Bicentennial Parade and
Wilmington Get Together. What a perfect day and sense of community! The date
of August 19, 2024 has already been set. Discussions around town continue on a
parade as an annual event with the Get Together. Stay tuned.
As part of the Get Together event, the Wilmington Historical Society had a tent
set up where the Bicentennial Book, Wilmington’s Story, the First 200 years was
on sale. If you still wish to purchase a copy of this awesome book, they are
available at the Town Clerks Office, Visitor Bureau, Little Super Market, and
Amazon or by going to the Historical Societies Web Site at
I cannot believe how quickly this month has flown by. Parents shopping for school
supplies for their children and others sending young adults off to college. We wish
all students the best of luck in their academic pursuits this year.
Speaking of college, we lost some summer beach staff that have headed back to
school, as a result the swim area of the beach will close for the season at the
close of business on Saturday August 27 th . Per New York State Department of
Health Guidelines, when “No Lifeguard is on duty, swimming is Prohibited,”
therefore swim ropes will be removed from the water as well.
We are currently working on the next edition of the Wilmington Town Newsletter.
This is an opportunity for any town organizations to write up a narrative to share
with the community on events and projects they are working on. The deadline for
submittal is August 31, st we plan to have the newsletter mailed out week of

September 5 th . For more information, please contact Nicole Forbes at the Town
For History tidbits this week, did you know that the current Whiteface Regional
Visitors Bureau Office was once a Liquor Store? The store was called Whiteface
Liquor Store and their motto was “Let us keep you in good cheer” The store was
originally operated by Max Hathaway. As a youth I can remember people
referring to him as “Dr. Max.” From what I remember, he was always generous in
his support of the Wilmington Community.
On Wednesday August 31 st , the 2 nd Annual Overdose Awareness Candle-light Vigil
will take place at the Wilmington Beach from 6 to 8 pm. The event is sponsored
by the Lake Placid/Wilmington CYC.

For more information, please call Tina at 518-524-5739

That’s all for this week my friends. See you around town. – Roy