Hello everyone. I start off this week’s report advising the community that there
will be no candidates listed on the November ballot for Town Justice. This means
that anyone interested in seeking the four year position must campaign and have
people write their name correctly by the Town Justice slot on the ballot.
Judge Selkirk recently announced that he will not seek reelection. Because he
never filed a nominating petition for the fall election in time, he was planning on a
write in campaign himself. No one else filed a nominating petition either.
We thank Judge Jim Selkirk for his years of service to the Town of Wilmington and
wish him well in his retirement.
I have been writing about cell phone signals and issues in Wilmington for a couple
weeks now. For Verizon customers, one can simply dial 611 or 1-800-837-4966 to
report your problems. Once you create a complaint or job ticket, please let my
office know. Working with other Town Supervisors we are working on a data base
to present to the New York State Public Service Commission if the issues are not
Just a reminder that the “Trunk or Treat” event will be held on October 30 th from
4 to 7 pm at the KOA 100 acre woods at 5591 NYS Rt. 86. This annual FREE event
is a great way for ghosts and goblins to get some great treats all in one location.
For more information please contact organizer Tina Terry Preston at Thank you Tina for your hard work in putting this event
December 9 th is the date that has been set for the Wilmington Children’s
Christmas Spectacular. Everything from a Christmas Parade, Fireworks and of
course Santa will highlight the evening. Special thanks to our Christmas
Celebration committee including Michelle Preston, Nicole Forbes, John Langford
and Dawn Stevens for your assistance with this special event.
Last week Adirondack Medical Center announced they have submitted plans to
the New York State Department of Health to close the Emergency Room in Lake
Placid. As a Town Supervisor and former Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician
with our local Ambulance Squad, I am very concerned about this. I have requested
a copy of the closure plan that was submitted to the New York State Department
of Health from Adirondack Medical Center. To date I have not received a copy of
the proposal. I am surprised the closure plan is not readily available for the public
to review. I do plan to follow through on this issue and hope a solution can be
At our Town Board meeting this past Tuesday we set the hearing date of Thursday
November 10 th at 6:30 pm to hear public comments on the 2023 Town Budget.
The Budget is available for the public to review at the Town Clerks Office. I am
happy to say that we are under the budget cap for the town portion. Our regular
monthly November meeting will follow the public hearing.
For this week’s History Tid Bit, I would like to thank Senator Dan Stec and
Assemblyman Matt Simpson for attending several Wilmington Bicentennial Events

over this past year. In fact, an official New York State Senate Proclamation is on
display in my office commemorating our historic milestone. Thank You to our
representatives for being so involved with our community.
Normally, I end my column with “Stay Safe” or “See you around Town” This week
it’s simply, be nice. Our area and world needs a little more “Nice” right now.
Until next week my friends. –Roy Holzer