Hello everyone. Thanks for taking a look at this week’s report. I start with a notice
that Patti McConvey is once again assisting with the 2022 High School Graduate
Banner project. Banners with the Wilmington student’s picture and school are
placed around the community celebrating their success. Anyone who would like
to contribute to this project or would like additional information, please contact
Patti at bmcconvey@hotmail.com
Please note that with the spring weather flushing of fire hydrants around town
will now commence. Also, plans are underway to put the splash boards on the
dam as soon as staffing and weather permits. As one can see in the attached
photo, splash boards are desperately needed to bring a little depth to Lake
Everest. The sediment is worse yearly.
The Town of Wilmington was recently awarded a grant from the Essex County
Arts Council for our Summer Concert Series and Bicentennial Events. For years the
Arts Council has contributed to our Wilmington Series. The financial support is
much appreciated.
Wilmington Historical Society is seeking Vendors for a Craft Show that will be held
as part of the 5 th Annual Wilmington Whiteface Whiskey Run Festival on June 18,
2022. For more information, check out
This week’s history trivia is about Fox Farm Road. Did you know that at one time
the road was called Upper Forge Road? The name changed when Ernest Tanton
and his family operated a silver fox farm there. Fox Farms had begun to
proliferate in the 1890’s when two entrepreneurs on Prince Edward Island
discovered that silver foxes could be bred in captivity and that their unique furs
could generate good revenue. By the 1930’s. However, fox stoles were no longer
popular, and the Fox Farms closed.
Like Wilmington History? Our next Wilmington Bicentennial meeting will be held
on Wednesday May 3 rd at 12:30 at the town offices. Meeting only last an hour and
everyone is welcomed.
That’s all for this week. See you around town my friends. -Roy