2018 Minutes

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2018-1-9 Reg brd Meeting and Organizational 2018-1-31 work session 2018-2-13 regular board Meeting 2018-3-13 Regular Town Board Minutes 2018-3-28 Work Session 2018-4-17 REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING 2018-5-8-18 Regular Town Board Meeting 2018-6-12 REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING 2018-6-27 WORK SESSION 2018-7-10 Regular Town Board Meeting 2018-5-8-18 Regular Town Board Meeting 2018-8-14 regular town board meeting 2018-9-11 Regular Town Board Meeting 2018-10-9 Regular Town Board meeting 2018-11-13 Regular town board meeting-public hearing budget 2018-12-11 Reg Brd Meeting-Public Hearing Cold War Vets. Exemption


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Hello everyone! The Town of Wilmington is happy to announce that our new website is now active. I have to send a personal Thank you to ROOST and ABOVE SOCIAL for their assistance with our new site. In the days and weeks ahead, we will be adding more and more information to our community website. Please check it out at townofwilmington.org should you have any suggestions for us to make the platform more useful, please reach out to my office.  I recently participated in a presentation from NYSEG on EV Chargers and their possible use in Wilmington. Currently NYSEG covers everything [...]

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