Hello Wilmington! I hope everyone is getting their spring projects completed and feeling productive. I will say that the other day our black fly friends returned with a vengeance and I had to adapt a little. Things like fly spray, long sleeve shirts and netting became part of the tools for completing my tasks. Also, it should be noted that the Town of Wilmington still does treat with BTI in streams, brooks and wetlands to control the flies from getting out of hand. For years, the town has contracted with a company call VectorTech. This company treats several communities in our area. As a youth in Wilmington, I can recall when spraying by airplane was the treatment of the era

Black Flies are definitely an issue in our area. However, Ticks should be on our radar as well when doing outside projects. Lyme disease and the effects of it can be very debilitating to a person and our pets. Fortunately, there are things one can do to limit tick exposure. 

In other Town News, working with our Youth Commission, we are seeking applicants to lead a parttime 2 day per week Summer Youth Group. This would be a new program for Wilmington Youth starting at 5 years of age. Postings for this position are available on our town Facebook page, Bulletin Board at Post Office and at the Town Offices

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with the Essex County Housing Assistance Program of Essex County and applied for a grant for the Wilmington Homestead Housing Project. HAPEC submitted a Small Rental Development Initiative grant application with New York State on behalf of our community. The funding will subsidize three modular duplex apartment buildings for a total of six apartments. The total budget is $ 1.684 million with a grant request of $ 1.336 request from the state. The rental project would be an addition to some of the long term homes being proposed for this area. I am personally excited for this entire endeavor

This past Tuesday, both Au Sable and Lake Placid Schools put their budget in front of the voters for consideration. In the total Au Sable District, the budget was passed 324 to 147. In the entire Lake Placid School District, the budget passed with 340 in favor and 98 against. The yearly funding proposition for the Wilmington EM Cooper Memorial Library also passed with 393 in favor and 46 against. 

As part of our community services, we do have 2 Notary Publics in the town offices. Town Clerk Dawn Stevens and Senior Account Clerk Nicole Forbes are both certified to legally witness signatures. 

We still have FREE cases of gallon hand sanitizer for anyone wanting some. Just stop by the town offices

Finally, I want to give a heartfelt thanks to our entire Wilmington “Team” as we navigate many projects and issues. It is a true team effort that makes everything work. Everyone’s work and dedication is appreciated. 

That’s all for this week friends. See you around town. Roy Holzer