Greetings Everyone– 


There are winter storm warnings issued for tonight and tomorrow. We will pass on any updates this weekend via the town Facebook page. Wilmington got its first accumulating snow last weekend and on Tuesday and Wednesday heavy snow, then wind gusts, then rain. The rain made the roads look clear, but the water was hitting cold surfaces and icing up. 

So, thanks again to the highway and parks department for keeping on top of the changing conditions and making sure the highways, sidewalks and town properties are maintained during these swings in weather. Solar Eclipse Preparations 

ROOST held an information/planning meeting on Wednesday evening at New Vida to discuss the anticipated interest of visitors to watch the Solar Eclipse in Wilmington on April 8, 2024. Wilmington will have a total “obscuration” this year and the next one occurs in 400 years. 

I will follow up this next week with ROOST and others in community groups to discuss venue(s) for visitors to view from and parking. 


I mentioned last week a special meeting to go over the STR changes. We needed to cancel that date (January 18, 2024) to ensure full participation and will announce a new date when one is set. 


We have received emails from citizens interested in volunteering for the vacancies on the planning board. Please, if you are interested in volunteering for the planning board or a new zoning board of appeals, let me know in the next couple of weeks so I can share that list with the board. ( 

Covid Tests Update 

The County will have a new supply of Covid tests early next week and we will get as many as we can. 

Thanks again, Favor Smith