Ice Skating 

The cold weather and breaks from the winter storms has let the Parks Department employees (J, A and B) get the rink into shape and open. There are night lights for evening skating. 

We ask that all skaters be courteous to other skaters and for cooperation so recreational skaters can share the ice with those who want to play hockey. And don’t throw snow on the ice-it has been difficult enough to clear snow that dropped from the sky! 


Thank you to those who have contacted me about their interest in volunteering. Wilmington still needs help to get boards and committees ready to tackle the issues that were much discussed last fall. Please let me know next week if you are interested in volunteering for the planning board or a new zoning board of appeals so the board can discuss at the January 31, 2024 work session. 


We have more Covid Tests 

Essex County provided Wilmington with more Covid tests. They can be obtained at town hall, near Nicole’s window. 

Thanks, Favor