Happy New Year my friends. Hopefully 2023 will be a year filled with health and
happiness for you and your family. In my report last week I made reference to a
few important topics I wanted to chat about over the next few months.
The first topic is that I will not be seeking another term as your Town Supervisor
this fall. As many are aware, I have consistently stated that serving in this capacity
would not become a second career for me. Originally I was approached to
temporarily fill in after Supervisor Randy Preston passed away. At that time my
intention was a “one and done” term to help a town through various transitions.
Then the Pandemic hit and put me into another 2 year term.
One may ask themselves, why am I announcing now? The answer is simple. In
New York State, a person seeking office must start circulating petitions in March.
At least that has been the Election calendar for the last few years. Way too early
in my opinion. The last thing people are thinking of in January is an election that
will be held in November.
Serving as your Town Supervisor has been an honor. My Wilmington roots run
deep and I have always tried to do what I thought was right even if people didn’t
agree with me. As a private citizen I will do whatever I can for our community. In
fact, if future leaders wish me to stay involved with Homestead Housing, Park
Projects and our river sediment issues, I would be happy to volunteer. The reality
is that I do not have to be an elected official to assist our community.
As far as the Town Supervisor position, I would be happy to chat with anyone
interested about the position regardless of political party affiliation about the job.
It can be both rewarding and “challenging” all at the same time.
In other Wilmington topics, please be advised that the time for Justice Court is
now 7:15 pm on Thursdays. This is a change from the 10 am time slot.
The 201 st Organizational and January Monthly Meeting will be on Tuesday January
10 th at 7 pm at the Wilmington Community Center. As always, the public is
welcome to attend.
Next Thursday on January 12 th at 9 am, Wilmington will be part of the FISU World
University Games Torch Relay. The event will include torch relay runners, an
entourage of EMS & Town Vehicles and end at Preston Festival Field. Please look
for more details over the next few days. We hope everyone will come out for this
exciting event.
That’s all for this week. See you around town. – Roy Holzer