Hello and thanks for reading another weekly Supervisors report. From time to time I have people ask me how I find things to write about for my weekly Wilmington connection. I smile and respond it is simply because there is so much going on in Wilmington and the county. It really is that simple

For example, at our meeting this past week, the town board approved several items that have been declared surplus. As surplus, the items that are listed will go to the highest bidder. The process for bidding will be announced sometime next week. Items like office desks, ski chair lifts, truck, a generator and several other items will all be up for grabs. 

We are in the process of developing the 2024 town budget. A daunting process to say the least. A budget workshop for the Town Board has been set for Wednesday October 18th at 4:30 pm at the Community Center to go through the proposed 2024 budget. Of course the normal public hearing dates and such will be set after that

The Short Term Rental Committee has presented the Town Board with their recommendations for consideration in revising the current ordinance as it relates to vacation rentals. Copies of their report is available at the Town Clerks Office. This process will allow for the board and citizens of our community to review the suggestions. Once a review period is complete, there will be at least a meeting or two. After a final product is put together, the document will be sent to legal counsel for review. Once that is complete, a public hearing and town board vote is required. 

As you may be aware, New York State recently announced a 1.3 million dollar grant that will allow rental housing in the Town of Wilmington. The grant program known as the New York State Homes and Community Renewal’s Small Rental Development Initiative recognized the needs in our area. Personally I could not be happier. The Housing Assistance Program of Essex County will be the lead agency in bringing 6 rental units for our community. Basically, the construction will be 3 town houses with 2 rentals in each building. We look forward to our partnership with HAPEC and appreciate all their efforts

The rentals is only phase one of the Wilmington Homestead Housing, Plans are still to construct some ranch style homes that will be available to purchase for our local community. Both programs will have restrictions on the property, income and other guidelines to insure the intended use will always be for local housing. Please be on the lookout for Ticks. As part of their report to the Board of Supervisors this past week, the Essex County Public Health Director Linda Beers provided the board with a report that showed some pretty significant increases in Tickborne Diseases from 2018 to 2023. For example, in 2018 there were 22 reported Lyme disease cases. So far, in 2023 we are looking at a total of 327 cases. I know of several residents in Wilmington that have experienced issues with ticks

That’s all for this week friends. See you around town. -Roy Holzer