Holiday Greetings! This week we start out with a general notice that if you have children or know of children in town that might be lacking for gifts this Christmas, please know that we have some great presents available at the Town Offices. Please contact me directly and we can make arrangements for you to pick up some gifts. All assistance is confidential. I will make myself available right up to Christmas Eve if need be. 

Other options for people also include the Hat and Mitten Tree at the Nazarene Church. The tree is right on their entrance steps. As a child I was never excited about those kind of gifts. However, after the holidays I was also happy to have some warm winter clothing long after the thrill of opening Christmas gifts. 

Please note the Town Offices will be closed this Friday December 22 and Monday December 25th and closed again on December 29th. Also, the Wilmington Landfill will be opening late on December 28th at 2 pm. 

On January 9, 2024 at 7pm, there will be a public hearing to consider the adoption of the Alternative Veterans Exemption from Real Property Taxation under the New York State Real Property Law 458-a commencing for the 2025 tax year. Following the Public Hearing on January 9th, the Wilmington Town Board will be holding their 2024 Organization and regular Monthly meeting immediately following the Public Hearing. As always, the public is always welcome. 

As many are aware, our entire area was under a “State Of Emergency” from the rain and flooding we received on December 18th. For the Town of Wilmington, Issuing the “State of Emergency” was a precautionary step in preparing for severe damage and quick action we could take in an Emergency situation. Having been through these issues before, a declared “State Of Emergency” is required if the region was declared a Disaster area from FEMA which opens up funding reimbursement to our community. 

Thankfully, the Town of Wilmington did not have any real damage other than some flooding. As a result, we will either be suspending the Emergency Declaration or letting the order from 12/18 run out. It is always important that residents take Emergency declarations seriously. 

Still looking for that unique Christmas gift? The Wilmington Historical Society has a pretty cool Wilmington Bicentennial Package Deal. Included in the offer is a copy of Wilmington’s Story, the first 200 years, Wilmington and the Whiteface Region, a Bicentennial pin and a special Bicentennial commemorative cancelation envelope. For more information, check out 

Well friends, only one more Supervisors report to write. As I clean out my office and work on transitional items with Supervisor Elect Smith, I cannot believe how quickly the last 4 years have gone by. I am also reminded of the many moving parts our little town has to function properly. 

That’s all for this week, see you around town. – Roy Holzer