Hope all have enjoyed the nice weather this past week, with the sun out and blue skies. But I won’t get fooled again. Years ago, I came home from living in California and bragged how the California weather had followed me-70 degrees and sunshine in February and March. Wrong

Ice Rink

Which leads smoothly to the next update. The nights had been cold enough to maintain the ice this week, but maybe not over the weekend. It will be checked tomorrow morning and if skateable the skate area will be open

Housing Update

The Homestead Housing project is moving forward along parallel tracks— Adirondack Roots is putting together the paperwork needed for planning board review and for their own grant requirements. In the meantime, Wilmington expects to receive the monies from its grant soon, a portion of which is designated

towards the costs of some site work

Senior Services

Thanks to Shantel Cross from the Essex County Office of the Aging for stopping in to give me an outline what is does for Wilmington residents. Essex County is the second largest county in area, is entirely in the Adirondack Park and has second fewest residents per square mile. One of my early hopes is to learn what the town can do to help out, whether it is a senior bus, helping with driving to medical appointments, whatever. Essex County has more resources and expertise to provide these services, but if there is a way for Wilmington to help its neighbors in areas where the County is stretched, I would like to help in any way

Thanks, Favor