Hey everyone– 

Apparently, the snow we ordered for December and January may finally make it here tonight. The temperature dip for the past few days took some adjustment, but when the sun is out, it feels better

Getting Ready for the Eclipse 

No one knows if the weather will cooperate to let us see the eclipse, but the word is that the rooms in Wilmington have been fully booked. The mystery ishow many visitors will simply drive up for the day? No one knows that either

The town is not hosting an event. Whiteface will host visitors, and the Twisted Raven and the NewVida Preserve have events planned as well. 

The Visitor’s Bureau has special glasses, stickers and a QR code that links the phone to more information about the eclipse. Please contact Michelle if you would like some supplies or more information. The Visitor’s Bureau left a post about this a couple of days ago. 

Stay Off Summits 

The DEC issued recommendations to visitors (and residents too) about staying out of the back country or on the high peaks for the eclipse. It is mud season, and the weather can be sketchy. I got caught in a howling snowstorm about 10 years ago hiking the NunDaGaO Ridge Loop in Keene. It was Mother’s Day weekend and was a trip I wouldn’t care to repeat. 

Here is a link to the DEC website for more information 


Work Session 

The Town Board will hold a work session meeting Wednesday, March 27, 2024, at 4:00 pm. We will discuss the eclipse and what the town will be doing. We will also discuss the amendment to the shortterm rental law, which, I hope, can be approved so we can set a public hearing on it. The rest of the agenda is being worked on and will be posted as soon as it is ready. 

The end of March/beginning of April is a common time for travel while schools are on break and to those who will be away from town, safe travels