Hey everyone– 


Getting Ready for the Easter Bunny 

The Easter Bunny will be visiting Wilmington tomorrow (Saturday, March 30, 2024) at the Wilmington Youth Center, Park Lane, Wilmington from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. 

There will be photographs and gift bags. And the weather looks sunny, clear, and not too cold. 

Many thanks to the volunteers and the Parks staff for getting the Easter Bunny to stop by with such a busy schedule. 


Eclipse Updates 

April 8th is 11 days away and the 10-day forecast shows April 7th as sunny and 51 degrees. The general opinion is that Wilmington can expect day-trippers to arrive Monday morning, trying to get a good spot to view. All those online maps show Wilmington as being a prime viewing location. 

Wilmington will have as many of its seasonal restrooms opened as it can (with weather permitting) and its trash containers out. Wilmington ordered port-a-johns to be placed at various locations to encourage those visitors to not use the open spaces or people’s property to do their business. 

The Whiteface Visitors Bureau’s website ( contains details about the expected event, as well as a good map showing where in Wilmington the eclipse will be at its greatest totality, if it can be put like that. 

Below is another link to a good Google map 


Prepping for the Eclipse 



For those staying home, driving may be extremely difficult in, out of or through town on April 8th, especially at the end of the afternoon and on the main roads, like Rte. 86 where I live. The State has tried to encourage visitors to go to designated view areas, but as many of us know when driving by popular hiking trail heads, when people want to be here, it will be chaotic parking anyway. 


The State has set up a website ( that will track and update roads and traffic conditions. 


Cell Service 

The number of visitors may overload the cell phone towers as well, for usual phone traffic. According to State emergency services, 911 will work but keep it for true emergencies so Wilmington emergency services can respond. 

Food and Gas 

With many visitors already booking all the rooms before the weekend, it will be busy anyway and locals are encouraged to get their shopping done and vehicles filled up before that weekend. 


More next week. 

Enjoy the weekend.