Hello Everyone!
Wilmington rises to the occasion, as it always does. Luckily, we were not inundated by hordes of cars.
Heavy traffic was reported going down Fox Farm to Springfield as visitors left Whiteface. But I doubt it
was at the volume of traffic I saw on a video from Keene Valley with a many miles long stream of cars
headed east on Rte 73 towards the Northway.
Our visitors walked comfortably around the center of town, finding sunny open places to sit with friends
and family and watch that incredible show. The town was busy but easily able to accommodate its
guests and the cars. And the weather was stunning. That really helped.
Many thanks again to the town employees for being ready for the visitors—for getting the public
accommodations open early, for being on call for any emergencies, and for being good natured about it
all. This is our mud season.
Town residents and businesses should also be congratulated and thanked for the hospitality extended to
these visitors. I walked around most of the town parks and talked with visitors. They were all happy to
be here and on such a beautiful day, looking in the direction of Whiteface and getting to experience
something so rare. Many visitors will connect Wilmington in their memories—the spectacular setting
where they witnessed the eclipse. (How long it may have taken them to get out of Adirondack Park will
give them another story to tell).
Town Clean Ups
While the eclipse event did not create a lot of extra trash to clean up, this is now the season for doing
the spring clean ups. No or little snow, warmer temperatures, the vegetation has not taken off so the
stuff is visible and not tangled in weeds.
The Ausable River Association has organized an Earth Month river Clean Up for Saturday, April 20 th . I will
upload their flyers with further information.
I will post further on a separate and additional town clean-up effort to coincide with that day for areas
not expected to be covered. Please stand by for Facebook updates on the effort.
More to follow,