Happy Friday!

The annual community dinner this past Wednesday was marvelous. It
was held at the Hungry Trout and organized by the Whiteface Visitor’s
Bureau. The food was terrific and conversation, both during the cocktail
hour and dinner, cheerful. Thanks again to the Visitor’s Bureau for a
terrific event and to the Hungry Trout for the delicious fare.
This was noted during the dinner, but annual dinners of this sort are
important. I have no way to judge whether they are becoming rarer,
but this annual dinner honors specific members of the community for
their love of Wilmington and their efforts to keep it a special place. The
natural features of Wilmington are, of course, spectacular—but
Wilmington also honors its happy location by honoring those who love
it here and give of their time. This year’s honorees exemplified this.
This dinner also welcomes new members to the community. They are
given the chance to introduce themselves to the room (put on the spot,
perhaps) and to be introduced to others. Again, I have no information
about whether other communities do this as well. But it is a good ice
breaker, and feasts have long played their part in getting people to put
down their work and enjoy a meal together.

The annual AuSable River Association Earth Month Clean Up is this
Saturday. There is a sign up at the following website

When I clicked on the link, I spotted people from Wilmington. Whether
you sign up or not, the website will give more particulars about the
clean up.
The board will discuss getting a Wilmington clean-up day organized at
its work session at the end of this month. In the meantime, people
have asked for bags so they could go out and clean sides of the road
near where they live. We have bags here at town hall and, if you’re

interested, let us know. We will let the parks department know so it
can pick up and dispose of that garbage. I am seeing where I can get
high-visibility vests to have available so volunteers can be safely seen.

The board’s regular work session will be held Wednesday, April 24,
2024 at 4:00 PM, at the Community Center. An agenda will be posted
early next week.

Enjoy the weekend