Thanks to the volunteers and Ausable River Association for the clean-up
efforts on Earth Day. Also, thanks to those residents who have gone
out (and continue to go out) on their own to help clean up our town.
Our surroundings are so magnificent and these efforts help keep it that
As mentioned in last week’s report, we talked over a local clean-up day
for the community. I have heard from several of you interested in
volunteering and helping with a community clean-up day. Based on
that interest, it looks like it can be scheduled for late May/early June.
More to follow, but in the meantime thanks for the interest.
At our work session Wednesday, the board talked about getting ready
for summer at the beach and is now accepting applications for
lifeguards and beach assistants for the summer. Copies of the job
application are at the town hall, and I will follow up on whether these
can be printed from the town website, because accessing the town
website can be a challenge. (We are trying to get that fixed). The board
also talked about the town inventory of rental boats and will look into
that again before summer starts in earnest.
Another annual job is for the town to put the boards on the dam.
Basically, this means the town opens the gates at the dam, more water
goes downstream, water levels for Lake Everest reduce and then town
workers can walk across to install the boards. Once finished, the dam
helps elevate the lake levels.
When those boards should be put in has been a topic of discussion. The
plan this year to put the boards up next Tuesday, April 30th. The
priority is safety for those workers who need to go out onto the dam
and put up the boards. Late season snowstorms increase the water
levels for the river and freezing temperatures might leave black ice on
top of the dam. Don’t want to see anyone get hurt.
Board of Assessment Review—Vacant Position
The Town needs to fill a vacancy for the board of assessment review.
This is an urgent request. It is a paid position ($300) and you would sit
once a year with two other board members to hear grievances from

property owners about their tax assessments. Grievance Day is set for
May 23, 2024, from 10 AM to Noon and from 6 PM to 8 PM. Training is
necessary and the County has scheduled that training for May 9 th . Any
person interested should contact me
(; 518-946-7179) as soon as
may be. I would be happy to answer questions about what grievance
day is typically like.

Thanks again,