Definite signs of summer! 75 degrees, sunshine, lunch at the A&W and visitors enjoying themselves in
beautiful Wilmington.
Another sign: the lawn needs another mow, but I am less stoked about that.
Busy week at the town offices as well.
STR Amendments
At the regular meeting this past Tuesday the board hammered out amendments to the local short term
rental law.
Copies of the amendments will be available the Community Center at the beginning of next week, as
well as at the Town’s website.
A public hearing on whether to adopt the amendment will be held at 6:30 pm, June 11th to be followed
by the regular monthly meeting.
Banners for Local High School Seniors
As June and high school graduations approach, Wilmington congratulates its local seniors and has again
placed banners for each senior throughout the town center.
Thanks again to Patti Mc for her efforts each year to obtain those banners and to the Parks Department
for getting those up.
Shawn Coarding Memorial Scholarship–Reminder
Just a further reminder that applications for this scholarship, and more information, can be found at the
Wilmington Firehouse and are still being accepted.
Excessive Speed on Local Roads
Residents have reminded the board that Bonnieview Road continues to be a serious problem. Many cars
drive at reckless speeds and endanger locals trying to safely pull into their own driveways. Other roads
in town face problems with speed, but those long straights on Bonnieview really take the cake.
It is a big challenge for Wilmington. No police of its own, it needs troopers and sheriff’s deputies to set
speed traps. And we don’t seem to get the attention. Route 73 in Keene has a speed trap nearly every
time I pass through. Speed bumps would seem the second-best idea—their car might get damaged. That
will need county approval and engineering. Other ideas have their weaknesses–Flashing speed signs
don’t generate a ticket. Even cameras that issue tickets don’t teach the same lesson as being pulled over
by the police and having to go to court. As other town boards have done, getting onto the police or
sheriff’s department and raising the issue is the first step.
Enjoy the weekend.