The benefit for the Wilmington Library “Feed Your Need to Read” was held on Wednesday at the Hungry
Trout. We had a terrific time—the food and service were astounding, the company terrific, but after
such tasty fare I didn’t have the energy to read much.
The weather has been fabulous as well—dry air, sunshine, and cool overnights. This weekend promises
more of the same and just in time for the second chapter of the event season.
The Annual Uphill Races are tomorrow starting at 5:30 pm. The Whiteface Visitor’s Bureau posted a
traffic alert on the Facebook page that details where traffic will be stopped. Whoever came up with the
idea in the early 1930s to build the Whiteface Memorial Highway, and those who built it, should be
thanked. Such roads are rare and getting another built today is likely impossible.
The Annual Wilmington Whiteface 100 K/50 K Mountain Bike Race starts early Sunday morning. And it
needs to start early—it is long and challenging. 100 kilometers through and over some of the
Adirondack’s wildest trails. At one time, in the now getting more distant past, I was fascinated by
endurance events—trail running in particular—and Wilmington and its neighbors feature some of the
best terrain for those challenges.
Good Luck to those undertaking these challenges this weekend, Welcome to the visitors—and everyone
enjoy the weekend.