Happy Friday!
Snapping Turtles were out laying eggs and seen at a few locations around town. The picture below was
taken by board member Laura Hooker at the beach. Each year the turtles will dig in the sand to lay their
eggs. I saw a turtle on Hardy Road digging in the sand near the edge of the pavement. That doesn’t seem
to be a good spot.
The turtles are kind of ugly and look like the dinosaurs from those books I loved as a kid. My kids liked
the turtle Pokemon types (I could never remember the names). But I never wanted to meet a dinosaur
and steer clear of the snapping turtles unless one needs help crossing a street.
The town board will hold its public hearing for the amendments to the STR law on Tuesday at 6:30 pm.
This past week I attended a couple of gatherings—one for towns and villages in the Adirondacks and
another a training retreat for the NYS Association of Counties. What I learned and heard was that zoning
and short-term rental properties present challenges to many municipalities, and that help from NYS
would not be unwelcomed.
In January, the Town of Edinburg issued a complete moratorium—no building permits, no subdivision or
site plan review applications, no special use permits—for much of the town. Edinburg is in Saratoga
County and has a population of 1300. It is also entirely in the Adirondack Park and surrounds the Great
Sacandaga Lake. Over the recent years, the rush to develop the town’s Lakefront Residential Districts
underscored that its older land use code, even as amended over time, did not have the right tools to
handle the new issues created by this kind of development.
We should (and I will) watch how Edinburg moves forward—it has identified a problem with its codes,
moved to maintain a certain status quo, and is working to fix any problems. This will be useful to
Wilmington, which already adopted its short-term rental law when many hadn’t. Best wishes to