Hello Wilmington! I hope everyone is surviving all this weird weather we have been experiencing lately. Like many areas, Essex County was under a “State Of Emergencydue to the most recent storm. Fortunately for our community, we did not have that much water damage or soil erosion at this point. Of course we continue to monitor areas of concern and remain diligent. 

Congratulations and Good Luck to the Wilmington Summer Youth Program as they started their first day of programs this week. A complete itinerary was given to each participant. From what each hour will look like for the youth to a packing list of everything a participant should bring to the program. The Youth program is being coordinated by Program Director Caitlin Delaney. Our appreciation to the group of Volunteers from the Youth Commission that have really worked on this project to make this summer program a reality. 

I am happy to announce that we passed our most recent Department of Health Inspection at our Town Beach last week. We have three items to address such as paper work for a lifeguard, some extra flotation devices and our landline phone at the facility. Once again the Health Department wants the town to monitor the area when the beach is not covered with a lifeguard. Our stance remains that we cannot constantly patrol the area. I found it ironic that their sister agency just came out with a directive at the New York State Department of Environment Conservation that lifeguards would NOT even be used at many of their beaches this summer but swimming would still be permitted. A double state standard to say the least

This has been a very busy week. On Wednesday I met with the county surveyor and attorney on our Homestead Housing Project. The soil tests start anytime. We should know by the end of the summer on our grant application that HAPEC applied for on the town’s behalf to actually cover some buildings on this property. On Thursday I met with our County Department of Public Works Director, Jim Dugan. Mr Dugan’s Department is assisting the Town of Wilmington with a DEC Mining Permit renewal at the landfill area. We also looked at Haselton Road. Yes, Haselton Road is slated to be paved this calendar year along with some new culvert installations

We are going to start looking at updating the Rules & Regulations concerning our town cemeteries. The current regulations are over 20 years old. If any Wilmington residents have any suggestions or wish to look at current rules, please contact my office

Just a reminder we are looking for participants to be in the Wilmington Get Together Parade on August 19th. Lineup will be in our Town Park at 12:15 pm with the parade kicking off at 1 pm. Please contact Tina Terry Preston at 518-637-7900 or my office at for more information

That’s all for this week, friends. See you around town! Roy Holzer 

Wilmington Beach