I start off my report announcing that I have appointed Town Council member Tina Terry Preston as my Deputy Supervisor. According to New York State Town Law, The role of Deputy Supervisor is an appointment at the total discretion of the Town Supervisor. The deputy runs meetings or signs checks in the absence of the supervisor. I have total confidence in Tina and thank her for once again “stepping- up” for her community. 

Just a reminder that this weekend is Ironman. Please go to for a more complete list of road closures and other information. 

Time to get your tickets for the Wilmington Mountain Music Fest that will take place on July 29th in our town park. Featuring the Ultimate Foreign-Journey Tribute band. Several other forms of entertainment will also be on hand during the event. The amount of local support has been amazing. Shout out to the many volunteers and sponsors. You guys rock! ((“Pun” intended.)) For more 

information, please look to Facebook @Wilmington MountainMusicFest or call 518-946-2255 

On August 10th, the High Peaks Health Center will be holding an Open House from 8 am to 10 am. As many are aware, this is the Health Center behind the town offices. We look forward to attending this open house and appreciate the health center being in the Town of Wilmington. 

Tis the season… to flush water hydrants. Our Water Superintendent Ed Orsi has been very busy this past week flushing water hydrants throughout the water district. One would be amazed at the amount of sediment that can accumulate in a hydrant in a year’s time. This proactive maintenance is essential in keeping the hydrants in tip top shape. 

This past week I attended a forum presented by the North Country Economic Council that was held in Elizabethtown. The groups outreach and education on the process of obtaining financial assistance for our area was very informative. It appears that this year’s priority for New York State will be funding that centers on population retention, workforce development and long-term housing. Also mentioned at the session was emphasis on developing childcare, not for profits and building on encouraging more Craft Beverage businesses in the area. The other “take away” from the session was formulating a clear plan for any projects either government or private business wishes to take on. 

Finally, I wanted to let residents know that we continue to make companies like Verizon, NYSEG, Spectrum and Frontier aware of issues concerning our part of the world. As I have stated before, when having an issue, contacting these companies must start with you. Document everyone you talk with. If after all that you still do not have the desired result, that’s when we start contacting the utilities on your behalf. Sometimes a call from the town works, other times, not so much. However, we always try. 

Well friends, that’s all for this week. See you around town. – Roy Holzer