Hello everyone and thanks for reading another Supervisors Report. I start off this week’s update with a reminder that this Saturday is Wilmington’s Town Wide Yard Sale. In the past, this day has been a true treasure hunt for all seeking a bargain. I have fond memories of my mom absolutely loving a good yard sale and the prizes she would bring home. Being so poor, it was absolutely imperative she found the best deal. As a child I was always amazed at the lootshe would acquire on a very limited budget. Be sure to check our town wide yard sale out and if nothing else, it is an opportunity to visit with your friends and neighbors. Speaking of Friends and Neighbors, the Wilmington Get Together and Parade is just around the corner. Volunteers are still needed for the Get Together. Regardless of whether you can volunteer for just an hour or more, Sadie Hozley needs your help. Feel free to contact her at 518-586-1775 

The Get Together Parade is also still seeking people for our community parade. Dress up your car or truck and be part of the fun. Everyone is welcome. Please call Tina Terry Preston at 518-637-7900 for more information. Both the Parade and Get Together is Saturday August 19th

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank our amazing town staff for a job well done. From our clerical staff to Parks, Water, Codes and Highway Departments, you all rock. Anyone reading my weekly reports may have noticed is that I am always acknowledging our team. The reason is simple. We are so fortunate to have a group of dedicated individuals and I don’t think we can ever express our gratitude enough. 

In other news, for those of you in the Water District, water bills have been mailed out. Payments can be made at the town offices or by mail. As the old wine cooler commercials from Bartles & James commercials once said, And we thank you for your support” in this case, we thank you for paying your water bill. 

With only a handful of meetings left as your Town Supervisor, I am starting to work on transitional items for whoever is elected to this position in November. My office has sticky notesall over the place as I try to write a complete narrative of the multitude of projects that the town is currently working on. Of course there are files for each project or issue. Official Town Board meeting minutes are also available for one to review. However, a “cliffnote” version of things should be pretty useful as well. 

The Wilmington Historical Society is currently conducting their Annual Gift Basket Raffle. With over $500 in gift cards, this is a great prize for the lucky winner. The drawing will be held at the Festival of Colors. More information is available at the Historical Societies website at 

Well friends, that’s enough for this week. I am all typed out. Have a great week and see you around town. Roy Holzer