Greetings and thanks for reading another Supervisors Report for this week. Things
around town are really starting to come together as both our Parks and Highway
Department start to clean and spruce up our community.
In preparing for our summer season, we are now accepting applications for both
Life Guards and seasonal park staff. For application or more details, please stop by
the town offices.
Speaking of Jobs, we maintain a list of Civil Service Positions that are open with
Essex County. Anyone is welcome to stop in at the Community Center to review
job announcements or make copies of the various positions available.
New York State currently has a Burning Ban in effect until May 14 th . This means no
open burning of grass and brush. With everything being so dry, a fire that gets
out of control could be a recipe for disaster.
Next Saturday, April 22 on Earth Day, the Au Sable River Association will be
conducting their Au Sable River Clean Up. Volunteers are welcomed and can meet
at the Wilmington Beach at 10 am. The event lasts until 1 pm. Supplies will be
available. For more information, email Also, plans are
underway for our Youth Commission to do a cleanup day at the town park on the
same day. More details on their event will be made available soon.
The cleanup that every group, individual or organization undertakes is sincerely
appreciated. Walking around our little town, road side debris is once again an
Here is the latest update on Short Term Registrations, to date, 95 STR’s have been
registered with a total of $43,000 collected in permit fees. A Short Term Rental
Committee has been appointed by the Town Board to review current regulations
and make suggestions to the land use ordinance. We will keep you posted.
At the Town Board meeting this week, the council approved a measure that
would both raise and create a sliding scale for partial property exemptions for our
senior citizens. Seniors making under $33,000 would qualify for the exemptions.
Currently Wilmington Seniors are able to get a partial exemption if their income is
$25,000 or less. Please stay tuned for information on this.
I am so happy to announce that we are one step closer for the Wilmington
Homestead Housing property. This is exciting! We hope to have a ground breaking
ceremony sometime this summer. The Housing issue is something I feel strongly
about. It is my intention to continue to work on this project as a volunteer even
after I leave my position of Town Supervisor if the town board so desires.
Finally, I have recently been contacted by Town Residents concerning a survey
being mailed out to selected citizens in the community. Please note that this is a
private survey and is not being conducted by the Town of Wilmington.
Well Friends, that’s enough for this week. See you around town. – Roy Holzer