In this week’s report I wanted to give a little update on the Wilmington Highway
Garage. We are happy to report that most repairs and upgrades should be
completed by the end of the month. The only exception will be our backup
generator which is on back order. Once the generator is installed, this will
provide our building with total utilities in the event of power outage. A big step
forward in saving time during an actual emergency.
At our last monthly town board meeting, Dmitry Feld from the Ukraine, who
works in Lake Placid gave a presentation on the war in his country. The
presentation was informative and some attending the meeting wanted to know
how to donate helping the citizens in the Ukraine. There are two ways people can
donate, one can write a tax deductible check to USA Luge, 57 Church Street, Lake
Placid NY 12997. Please write on check to support the Ukraine. If they want to
send a check directly to Dmitry, one can send it to Dmitry Feld, 8 Snowberry Lane,
Lake Placid NY 12946. Dmitry thanks everyone for their interest.
Attention to Senior Citizens in the Town of Wilmington, you may be eligible for a
Senior Citizen tax exemption. Senior Citizens have until March 1, 2013 to apply
for such exemption. For more information please contact the assessor’s office at
518 946-7174
The Town of Wilmington is still accepting letters of interests for a Alternate
Planning Board member. Interested parties should send letter of interests to the
Wilmington Town Clerk at by Monday January
23, 2023
Congratulations to Wilmington resident Meg Parker on the release of her new
book, “How to CRUSH your CHAMPION” I won’t give away too much, however,
one can check it out on AMAZON at Meg operates the
River Stone Wellness here in town and we are pretty excited for her most recent
project. By the way, I did just order her book.
Please remember that if the fencing area around the skating rink is closed, with a
“CLOSED” sign and everything, please do not use the area. Our crew wants the
area open as much as everyone. However Mother Nature has to cooperate.
As many are aware, the World University Games continue this week. I really want
to thank everyone again that came out to our torch ceremony last week. It was
awesome to see such community support. As Town Supervisor, I have tried to
attend as many events and functions as possible in my attempt to get the
“Wilmington Word” out to the world.
In Essex County News, we currently have over 76 vacant job positions open. One
can check out if interested. Also, at a recent
committee meeting, the board approved the 2023 Household Hazardous Waste
Day program. Dates are in the summer months and we will make everyone aware
of the closest site when it is announced.
Well Friends, that’s all for this week. See you around town. – Roy Holzer