Hello everyone! The Town of Wilmington is happy to announce that our new website is now active. I have to send a personal Thank you to ROOST and ABOVE SOCIAL for their assistance with our new site. In the days and weeks ahead, we will be adding more and more information to our community website. Please check it out at townofwilmington.org should you have any suggestions for us to make the platform more useful, please reach out to my office. 

I recently participated in a presentation from NYSEG on EV Chargers and their possible use in Wilmington. Currently NYSEG covers everything except the charging station. The charging station is still pretty pricey at around $10,000. New York State was offering grants through NYSERDA last year to cover the costs, currently they are out of funds. We are hopeful they will reinstate the grants. As electric cars become more popular, this may be something the town could pursue if we are able to get grants or private sector funding. 

Our next meeting of the Wilmington Bicentennial Committee is March 9th at the Wilmington Community Center at 12:30pm. All are invited

This weeks Wilmington History bit is that did you know that in the early 19th century, blacksmithing was an important occupation? Not just for creating horseshoes, but for making household goods, farm implements, tools and locks, as well as making iron goods for use by other tradesmen. Wilmington’s first blacksmith was Amos Avery who arrived here in 1822 and used to sleep in his shop, often finding his pillows and bed clothes covered with snow which shifted through the cracks in the walls! Thanks again to the Wilmington Historical Society for providing me with these history facts. 

In the next couple weeks, many Wilmington residents will be receiving a letter in regards to our FundRaising attempts for a new covered skating Pavilion to be placed in our town park. The structure will be 60 by 120 ft. The pavilion will also serve as a location for many other seasonal uses. We recently received a $100,000 donation with the condition that we equal this contribution with donations from the community. No contribution is too small

Due to last weeks snow storm, the local food pantry has lots of extra food for those in need. Remember, they are open Thursdays 4 pm to 6 pm or one can call 5189467192 to arrange other options. 

The Essex County Soil and Water Conservation District is now accepting 2022 Tree seedling orders. Early Deadline order is March 11th. One can call 5189628225 for more information or stop by the town offices for an order form 

Thats all for this week my friends. Stay safe and see you around town. Roy Holzer 


Hello my friends and welcome to another report of some things “Wilmington.” In this week’s report I want to mention that we are requesting sponsors for our Bicentennial Pennants. The Pennants will be attached to our seasonal banners that hang on the utility poles. Each Pennant is $50.00 and a list of sponsors will be maintained and listed in future Bicentennial marketing material. For more information, please contact the Supervisors Office

This week’s Wilmington History. Did you know that Wilmington once had 8 school districts? Well, now you do. They were, The Old Forge School, the Kilburn School, the Village School, the Haselton School, the Hickock School, the Hardy School, (my grandmother and aunts went to that one) the Markhamville School and the Lawrence School

As most are aware, the town maintains an awesome skating rink at the town park. However, did you know we also have a nice toboggan hill on the Tennis Court side of the area? Sledding tubes are also available and one can borrow for free when the park building is open. Remember, the building is open Friday, Saturday and Sundays 11 to 7 pm. Free skate use is also available at those times. 

The Regular Monthly meeting of the Wilmington Town Board is Tuesday February gth at 7 pm at the Community Center. As always, the public is welcome to attend. We will also try to set up a “remote” access for residents wishing to listen in on the proceedings. Look to our Facebook page for a dial in number. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Yes, they are out there. To help anyone looking for employment, we maintain an active list of Essex County Civil Service Job openings at the Town Offices. Stop by to look over Job Opportunities. We will even make you copies of any positions that you are interested in. 

Along the county front, I would like to share my committee assignments on the Essex County Board of Supervisors. For the 2022 year I am on the following committees, Economic Development (Vice Chair), Public Safety, Public Works. Some of the sub-committees and task forces include, Legislative, Transportation, EMS, Board of Elections, Building and Grounds and Chair of the FairGrounds Task Force. I also serve on the Essex County IDA Board as well recently appointed to the ACAP Board. Clearly, my plate is full. However, I do try to balance it all.